What will we be doing?

The emphasis of Yearly Meeting in 2020 will be to share time in gathered worship, manage required business, and receive reports. As it is an online meeting, open to 1,000 participants, the way we conduct business and proceedings will be a little different to an in-person meeting.

Documents in advance will be published on this site ahead of the Yearly Meeting. Guidance about how we will be holding the online meeting will also be published for Friends ahead of the meeting.

As at each Yearly Meeting, Quakers come together in stillness to listen to stories of experience, recognising and responding to the promptings of the Spirit and wisely using gifts to work with others to tackle the causes of injustice and inequality.

Nominations and appointments

Yearly Meeting also appoints people to carry out work at Yearly Meeting and throughout the year. The list of nominations will be produced as part of the documents in advance, and available to Friends before November.