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Documents and prepared ministry from Yearly Meeting


Epistle of Britain Yearly Meeting 2023 (PDF)


Full minutes (PDF)
Substantive minutes (PDF)

Prepared ministry

Watch the recordings of prepared ministry in the Yearly Meeting 2023 playlist (YouTube).

Documents in advance

Annual report and Annual review

  • The Annual report (PDF 1.1mb) from trustees covers the work undertaken by Quakers in Britain, the charitable organisation, and includes financial statements for the previous year.
  • The Annual review from the Recording Clerk is a review of the work undertaken by the charity throughout the past year. Annual review 2022-2023 (offsite link)

Agenda & notes

  • Friends should read through the document in advance of Yearly Meeting as the content of Agenda & notes is referred to throughout Yearly Meeting sessions. It contains introductory material for Yearly Meeting, and the annual reports of Meeting for Sufferings, central committees, and other related bodies. It is an instructive, guiding document for the Yearly Meeting and may help with preparations both practical and spiritual. Agenda & notes (PDF) and Agenda & notes (higher accessibility PDF)

Patterns of membership

Schedule of nominations

  • The Schedule of nominations (PDF) records all of the proposed nominations that are due to be made at Yearly Meeting. Please refer to the Agenda and Notes to see when specific nominations will be taken in Yearly Meeting Sessions.


  • The Testimonies, or 'Testimonies to the Grace of God in lives' records the testimonies sent to Yearly Meeting by Area Meetings across the country of those Friends who have passed away in recent years. Testimonies radiate the Grace of God as shown in the lives of the Friends who have died. They differ from an obituary account of achievements, a few milestones in the life of the deceased serves to illuminate the spiritual gifts bestowed. Testimonies (PDF)

Letters of greeting

Additional preparation materials

Documents for the July session

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