Get involved

Yearly Meeting is organised and run by Quakers. There is a role for every Friend who will attend Yearly Meeting, no matter their resources.

Time commitments vary by role. To offer service to these roles please indicate your interest when registering for Yearly Meeting.

Doorkeepers and Microphone Stewards

Do you want to give service, but you don't want to miss Yearly Meeting in session. You will contribute to the smooth running of the event, working in the background to ensure that the clerks are supported.

Committee to Examine Minutes

Yearly Meeting will nominate and appoint Friends to serve on the Committee to Examine Minutes. This operates during Yearly Meeting and is responsible on a rota basis for checking the minutes at the close of each session and correcting any slight inaccuracies. Friends can be nominated to this committee in advance of Yearly Meeting. Friends must be attending Yearly Meeting (in person or online) to serve and have access to a computer and be comfortable with working with an online document.

"How can we make the meeting a community in which each person is accepted and nurtured and strangers are welcome?"
- Advice & Queries 18