Yearly Meeting 2022 will open on Saturday 21 May with a range of online preparatory events over the following week. Formal business sessions will be held on 27–30 May. This year Yearly Meeting sessions will be blended. Some Quakers will take part online, while others will attend in person at Friends House in London.

For young people, children and families there will be in-person events suitable for different ages, and some online opportunities.

Yearly Meeting's theme will be 'faith, community and action' and will address three big questions:

· Faith: How do we experience worship, community and witness?

· Community: How can we build Quaker communities that respond to challenges and put faith into action?

· Action: How can we transform thinking and action in Quaker communities and wider society?

The theme and strands for Yearly Meeting are about people's lived experiences as part of our Quaker community. We each bring our own stories to this discernment and we start our understanding from different places. Preparation for Yearly Meeting may take two paths – the spiritual and the practical.

Spiritual preparation

  • Yearly Meeting is a chance for Quakers to worship, listen and learn together. It's where Quakers make important decisions together about the issues in focus for the coming year.
  • Preparation meetings will take place online from 21-26 May, to enable Friends to fully participate in the Yearly Meeting. Some of these sessions will be focused on discernment and theme preparation, while some will offer practical support (such as preparing for online Yearly Meeting).
  • The Documents in Advance, due to be published in March and May, will help with spiritual preparation for both individual Friends and worshipping communities.
  • Read and download Prepare for Yearly Meeting 2022 (PDF)

Practical preparation

  • Registration will is open from 10 February, and the first preparation documents will be published in March.
  • In 2021, Yearly Meeting committed to becoming an anti-racist faith community. As part of your preparation for this year, you may find it useful to watch the videos, read the minutes, and listen to the lectures from last year's gathering. Meetings and worshipping communities may wish to reflect on the discernment emerging from Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021 as part of their 2022 preparations. Visit the 2021 archive page to review the 2021 information.
  • Preparation meetings will take place online from 21-26 May, to enable Friends to fully participate in the Yearly Meeting. Some of these sessions will be focused on discernment and theme preparation, while some will offer practical support (such as preparing for online Yearly Meeting).
  • Preparation documents are available to help Friends, read and download Prepare for Yearly Meeting 2022 (PDF).

First time at Yearly Meeting

  • If you are new to Yearly Meeting, you might have questions about how Yearly Meeting works and why our gathering of Friends functions in this way. There are many ways to connect with and feel part of Yearly Meeting. Yearly Meeting (YM) is our annual opportunity for Quakers to come together in worship, learning and inspiration. Quaker faith & practice chapter six contains the history and purpose of Yearly Meeting.
  • Preparation documents are available to help Friends in this process. Read and download Prepare for Yearly Meeting 2022 (PDF).
  • If you would like to know more about the workings of Yearly Meeting, Woodbrooke is running a 'pay as you are led' course on 23 April 2022, 'Who's making the decisions? An exploration of the structures of Britain Yearly Meeting' find out more and sign up on the Woodbrooke website. As a part of the Yearly Meeting Preparation events, they will also offer some sessions on How does Yearly Meeting work? And if you plan to join online their session on Supporting Online Discernment: centring down and upholding from home is a helpful introduction to this.
  • We approach these topics through our testimonies to equality and truth. Faith, action and community are deeply interconnected. The nature of Quaker worship means we commit ourselves to a process that may lead us in unexpected directions. Where will the Spirit lead us as we engage more deeply with these concerns?
  • This website will be regularly updated to help Friends prepare their minds and hearts before, during, and after Yearly Meeting. You should expect to read documents in advance to help with your preparations, and you may wish to explore the different roles that volunteers hold to support the life of Yearly Meeting.
  • Registration is required to attend Friends House or join online, whether Friends are in membership or attending meetings. Information about financial support and bursaries is available on our Bursary page.
  • Children and teenagers are very welcome and take part in dedicated Youth, Children & Families programmes, please see the 0-18s page for more information.

How do I find out what is happening and when?

  • When you have booked your place at Yearly Meeting, you will be sent information by email about how to access the Sched website. This will have full information about the preparation events as well as providing you access to Yearly Meeting online.
  • Sched is our online planner where Friends can view and sign up to attend events that are taking place online.
  • To find out more about the planner, please read our Introduction to Yearly Meeting Planner guide or visit our dedicated help section.
  • Watch this video to find out how to use the online planner. (Pressing play on the video below will set a third-party cookie. Please see our cookies page to find out more.)

  • For further help using the online planner (Sched) please see our dedicated help section.

Offline worship

  • Yearly Meeting Unplugged - Worship from wherever you are (without technology)
  • Yearly Meeting rests on the prayerful upholding of Friends. This is an opportunity for Friends who are not online or who don't worship online, as well as those who sometimes do, to all gather in a spirit of Meeting for Worship at three points during Yearly Meeting. Please share this invitation with Friends, especially to those who are not online.
  • Unplugged worship will be held:
  • - Saturday 21 May, 8.30 - 9am
  • - Tuesday 24 May, 8.30 - 9am
  • - Friday 27 May, 8.30 - 9am
  • Our shared reading is from Quaker faith & practice 23.48. If you'd like to, please submit reflections or ministry to
  • Download and share the invitation with offline Friends (PDF)
  • If you plan to attend Yearly Meeting at Friends House, there will be opportunities to worship in person. You must register for a place to see the schedule of events and when worship will be taking place. Register your place.

Newsletters and mailings

Young Adults at Yearly Meeting

  • There will be a few specific preparatory sessions for young adults in the week before Yearly Meeting, as well as an allocated space for young adult Quakers to meet up in Friends house.
  • Preparatory sessions you can look forward to include:
  • Young Adult Quakers in Community – join us for a celebratory, sometimes-silly, sometimes-sincere Scottish ceilidh style evening sharing stories, poems, songs, party tricks etc. Bring a party hat and a 'turn' to share or come along to hear other 18-35ish year olds from around the country.
  • Young Adult Quakers in Action – Quaker Life and QPSW unite to host a session on sustaining activism and body-mind-centering activities to avoid burn-out. Whether you are an Activist with a capital A or take important small actions for social change in everyday ways, come along to learn some theory and share tips and tricks to stay well while showing up in solidarity and taking action to address structural issues in our beautiful but unequal world.
  • Young Adult Quakers in Faith – sharing and hearing different faith perspectives from Quakers who are non-theists, witches and more! What is your faith story, how has your belief shifted and changed as you grow older? How can Quakerism be a supportive and big enough container to keep seeking, questioning and evolving our spiritual lives?
  • Registration for Young Adults is part of the Yearly Meeting Booking form