Inspired to get involved in Quaker service? Curious about how you can make a difference? Friends who offer service find that they can be led to achieve great things. Take part in a number of different ways.

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    “I believe in the powers of ordinary men and women; in their immense potentialities. I do not believe in the 'chosen few': I believe in us all."

    - Robin Tanner, Quaker faith & practice 21.36


    Friends give their time, skills and talents in many ways, from peacework to organising, from governance to organising Quaker events like Yearly Meeting.

    Friends who offer service can be led to achieve great things. Supported by our Nominations team, find out what Quaker service can do for you.

    Quaker Service

    Each year hundreds of Friends serve as committee members, representatives and group members through Give Time. Friends may find themselves surprised about where the Spirit leads them.

    What roles are available?

    There are a huge number of ways to get involved in service. If you have a passion or a calling, share that with us! We always want to hear from Friends who want to offer service, even if you don't know how that might happen.

    • Short term opportunities are available all year round, such as volunteering at Yearly Meeting, representing BYM at another European Yearly Meeting, being a Friend in Residence.
    • Join a central committee and help oversee our projects and core work. Help BYM's work be dynamic, and responsive to Quaker concerns and current affairs.
    • Serve as an interfaith rep and build connections with faiths and other religious groups.
    • Become a Trustee and oversee the work of the charity, supporting BYM's staff and the core activity.
    • Volunteer at Yearly Meeting and help our national community of Friends thrive together.
    • Dive into nominations and help us grow the next generation of active engaged Quakers.

    For a full list of our committees and opportunities, visit the Committees and Groups page.

    Sign up below, either for a particular role or make an open enquiry. We would love to hear from you!

    Express your interest in service

    • For a particular role
      If you would like to be considered for a particular role, or would like to recommend someone else, please complete an Expression of Interest Form (takes about 5 minutes). Visit the Committees and Groups page to see all of the opportunities.
    • Open enquiry
      If you would like to be considered for all service roles, fill in the Quaker Service Information Form (takes about 10-15 minutes) to share your experience, skills, and gifts in detail with us.

    Contact us

    Enquiries about service are always welcome.

    Email Nominations Manager at for an informal conversation.