Meeting for Sufferings is the standing representative body entrusted with the care of the business of Britain Yearly Meeting through the year.

Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) has a visionary and prophetic role for all Quakers in Britain. It decides the priorities and sets the direction of the Yearly Meeting in the Long Term Framework. Meeting for Sufferings also plays a vital role in fostering communication throughout the Yearly Meeting and in reviewing and testing concerns referred to it by area meetings. It also gives guidance on policy issues referred to it by Britain Yearly Meeting's trustees.

What we do

Meeting for Sufferings:

  • takes decisions
  • receives information from other parts of Britain Yearly Meeting
  • helps other parts of Britain Yearly Meeting
  • informs Friends about its work
  • is a worshipping community

Meeting for Sufferings gives an annual report on its work at Yearly Meeting. Members of Meeting for Sufferings report back regularly to their local/area meeting or committee.Statements made by Meeting for Sufferings will soon be posted on the Resources section of this site.

If your area meeting or committee is considering forwarding a minute to Meeting for Sufferings, you need to read working with Meeting for Sufferings for dates of meetings and the deadline for forwarding minutes.

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Contact us

Siobhán Haire
Deputy Recording Clerk
020 7663 1101