How is your Quaker community engaging with Yearly Meeting 2022? Are you meeting in-person to prepare… joining sessions in a blended way… picnicking… watching lectures outdoors? All of these events could make great picture.

Putting our Yearly Meting in focus

Could you grab a smartphone or camera and take a few snaps around the theme of Yearly Meeting and send them to us? We'll share some on social media and keep some to share with meetings and the world. If you prefer you can just share them on social media and tag them #YM22.

Tips for capturing your YMG magic

  1. People: the most important ingredient! The most useful pictures show mixed groups of engaged Friends, but couples and people on their own are useful too. We need Friends!
  2. Context: what are the signs that this is YM: group activity, worship, fun, engagement, Quaker faith & practice? Pictures shouldn't lead anyone to ask, “What on Earth are they doing?"
  3. Focus: a lot of cameras and phones take a few moment to focus. Take a moment to steady yourself. Leaning against a wall or resting your elbows on a table will help deter the blur.

Here's an additional short guide on taking pictures that tell a story (PDF).

Header photograph of Yearly Meeting © Mike Pinches 2019

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