Yearly Meeting for all ages

Please note this page refers to Yearly Meeting 2020, a one-day online session on 15 November 2020. For information about the postponed Yearly Meeting Gathering, please see our dedicated 'What happens at Yearly Meeting' area.

All-age inclusion at Yearly Meeting 2020

Friends of all ages can register to attend online Yearly Meeting.

Unfortunately, the limited time we have for Yearly Meeting 2020 severely reduces our ability to hold a dedicated Children and Young People's programme. Please read the statement by the Yearly Meeting clerk, Clare Scott Booth, below.

The full Children and Young People's Programme and Young Adults work will be a central part of Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021. Bookings will reopen for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021 on 11 January 2021.

Statement: Quakers move major event online.