The Meeting Houses Fund provides financial assistance to Meetings for carrying out improvements to their premises.

What is the fund for?

The purpose of the Meeting Houses Funds is to give or lend money to meetings for improvements to their property. This includes:

  • improving wardens' living areas
  • buying and improving new property
  • helping with large repairs to historic meeting houses.

How much can meetings apply for?

Meetings may apply for either or both of:

  • a grant up to £15,000
  • an interest-free loan of £10,000 or over.

A grant plus a loan can be no more than £40,000. The loan is usually paid back in four or five annual payments. You can ask for up to half of the total project cost.

What will the grant cover?

The grants do not fund:

  • routine jobs and repairs
  • 'investment properties' i.e. property not used directly by the meeting.

Application might be considered when:

  • an area meeting has lots of unexpected repairs in the meeting houses it looks after
  • other circumstances which might include routine jobs and repairs.

To apply for a grant please read the guidance and answer the questions on the Meeting House Funds guidance (Words) and application form (Word).

Once the grant has been spent we will ask you to complete a simple progress report (Word).

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