Quakers in Britain build relationships with politicians and other key stakeholders to try and bring about changes in laws and policies in line with Quaker values.

We do this on a national level, and we support Quakers and local meetings to do it on a local level. Below you can find out more information about how we can support you to engage with politicians and the political process.

To find out more about our recent political activity, please visit Quaker concerns.

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Supporting Quakers

We can provide advice and support to individual Quakers and local meetings on engaging with the government and elected representatives. We can also advise on media and social media. Below are some helpful resources on this. If you would like to speak to someone once you've looked at these, please contact politics@quaker.org.uk.

Speaking out as Quakers

Before deciding whether to speak out on a political issue, we encourage you to look at our guidance on speaking out as Quakers (PDF).

Contacting your MP

The  contacting your MP briefing (PDF) gives advice on how to engage with the political process. It will help you to decide on an approach to political campaigning, contact your MP if appropriate, and engage with them further when they respond.

You can also use the briefing to help you engage with local councillors, Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) or Members of the Senedd (MSs).

A guide to local government

This guide is for individuals and groups who want to know more about how to engage with local government. It provides an overview of the structures of local government in Scotland, England and Wales, the Quaker concerns it works on, and ways of engaging with it.  Local government: a guide for Quakers (PDF).

Advice on political meetings and election hustings

The  elections and hustings briefing (PDF) is to help area and local meetings decide whether to hold a hustings during elections, and to provide information for those who do. It provides advice on who to invite and how to plan hustings. During elections we also generally provide resources for Quakers on issues to raise with local candidates. The last guide we produced was for the 2019 general election (PDF).

Finding out more online

You may also be interested in one of these links to external political websites:

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