Quakers advocate for just economics systems that sustain people and the planet.

We face interconnected challenges: extreme inequality and environmental destruction. Both are caused by an economic system founded on exploitation of people and of the earth.

Quakers in Britain are working to challenge this system and advocate for economic values rooted in equality, justice and sustainability.


Climate justice: a resource directory for Quakers

A list of educational films, books, podcasts, and activities - with plenty of kid-friendly options!

Climate justice

People who have benefited the least from the fossil fuel era are now suffering the most from the impacts of climate breakdown. They are overwhelmingly poor people, particularly women and people of colour. These people have also been marginalised through economic exploitation and racism throughout history.

Working against this inequality is climate justice.

Economic and political decision makers, including in the UK, are failing to take sufficient action on the climate crisis, and are not placing people and justice at the heart of their decision-making. They are also choosing to continue our dependence on extractive and high-emissions industries.

Green and just recovery & transition

On a government level, Quakers in Britain are urgently calling for a green and just recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. This campaign is called Build Back Better and is jointly held with coalition organisations.

We are also working with the COP26 Coalition and Faith for the Climate network to build a strong UK climate justice movement. Together we are calling for a global just transition beyond fossil fuels which centres the rights and voices of communities facing the worst impacts of climate breakdown. Some people are calling this a Global Green New Deal.

Supporting Quaker actions

Quakers across Britain are taking climate action at local level and advocating for change. As an organisation, we support their activism.

This includes providing workshops to young Quakers active in the climate movement, coordinating Quaker involvement in the post-pandemic response campaign, Build Back Better, and mobilising Quakers around the United Nations international climate talks in Glasgow (COP26).

Climate & economic justice resources

Quakers in Britain have developed a broad library of resources that support Quakers with their work on creating a green and just new economy.

Featured blog

6 principles for a green and just recovery

10 September 2020 by Olivia Hanks

We need to come together to ensure that climate justice is central to the post-Covid future of our economy, says Olivia Hanks.

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