Britain Yearly Meeting has launched a new grants scheme for 18-35 year olds which supports young adult Quakers to participate more fully in the life of the Society of Friends.

Living Adventurously Grants are designed to support young adults in service they feel led to do as part of their Quaker witness, which is otherwise not possible due to financial constraints.

This service might take the form of volunteering, whether in the UK or abroad, or other forms of Quaker witness. These grants are not intended to only support activities run by Quaker organisations.


Applicants should be:

  • A member of, or closely connected with, the Religious Society of Friends in Britain
  • Aged 18-35
  • Able to explain clearly how the work they feel led to do relates to their Quaker witness, and how it will benefit their local or national Quaker community or wider society
  • Able to explain how any learning involved will enable them to serve society and/or the Religious Society of Friends
  • Applicants should have assured themselves that the direction they have chosen to take is spirit-led, and should indicate who has helped with the discernment process.

Maximum: £1500

As there may be insufficient funding to support all applications applicants will need to demonstrate clearly how they meet eligibility criteria.

How to apply

To apply please read the guidance notes and complete the application form.

The application must be supported by the statement of a Friend who must have some oversight responsibility within a Quaker community (whether a Local Meeting or Young Friends General Meeting, or as an organiser of a young adult Quaker group).

Applications for Living Adventurously Grants will be considered once every 3 months.


As a follow up you must write a written report (min 500 words). We also encourage recipients of the grant to share their stories in different formats which will be accessible and engaging to other young adults. This might include videos, being interviewed on a Quaker podcast, or Instagram stories or takeovers.

The intention with this grant-making scheme is to build a community of alumni who are able to share the impact that the grants have had on their lives and their Quaker witness.

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