Quaker Life Central Committee has a Representative Council which is made up of representatives from every area meeting. The Council provides a two-way channel of communication with Friends in their meetings, the main purposes being educational, inspirational and consultative.


I found it reassuring to hear about the challenges, interests and joys in other Meetings which echoed some experience of my own Meeting. Also, I gained useful self-confidence in my understanding of both the current situation in BYM and how this relates to the history of Quakers.

- Quaker Life Representative


Quaker Life Representative role description

Quaker Life Representatives have opportunities to meet in person and online. A combination of workshops and group sessions provide Representatives with the space to engage with themes and topics supporting Quaker communities.

Please refer to Quaker faith & practice 8.09–8.10 (offsite link) for more details about Quaker Life Representative Council.

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The documents and information below may be helpful for new representatives and for people involved in nominating Quaker Life representatives:

October 2023 Rep Council

March 2023 Rep Council

October 2022 Rep Council

April 2022 Rep Council

October 2021 Rep Council

April 2021 Rep Council