Quakers in Britain have been actively engaged in promoting social housing for over a hundred years. We are long-term advocates of good quality and affordable housing for all.


    A practical response

    Quaker Housing Trust was created in 1967 as a channel through which Quakers can give or lend their own money for social housing. The Trust funds practical elements of housing projects through grants and interest free loans, and also offers grants relating to good practice and development. Quaker Housing Trust also supports Quaker meetings to provide social housing using their properties.

    A recent example of our work was a project completed in June 2021 by East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust (ECYHT). The Quaker Housing Trust provided £30,000 to support the purchase of a property for refurbishment. ECYHT works with young people to renovate domestic properties in which they can then live. The experience not only helps them to build life skills and gain independence but also gives them qualifications and a great sense of purpose and achievement.

    The result is a network of high quality, affordable, supported accommodation for young people equipped with the skills and experience to start to make their way in the world. The property now provides a home for young people who have experienced unemployment and would struggle to find accommodation otherwise.

    Please note: Quaker Housing Trust is unable to offer advice or financial help to individuals.

    The spiritual concern

    Quakers believe that a secure home with adequate space and amenities is an essential foundation for individuals and households to grow. It is a vital part of making true community. This concern is firmly rooted in our spiritual lives and our understanding that housing is inextricably related to poverty, unemployment, health, education, prejudice and other causes of social marginalisation.

    Quaker Housing Trust has produced a booklet on Housing - Our spiritual concern, which offers a way of exploring how we ourselves might contribute towards radical change in the housing situation.

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