The Quaker Life Youth, Children, and Families staff team organise events for young Quakers of all ages and offer support to those who are running Quaker events across Britain Yearly Meeting.

There are also network, all-age worshiping communities and regionally based events, which help connect Quaker communities and share good practice.

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    Our events

    Our events aim to bring together children and young people from across Britain Yearly Meeting and to offer opportunities to support their spiritual growth, personal development and understanding of Quaker faith and practice. Participants explore themes in age appropriate creative, fun ways, including through games, stories, discussions, role play, worship, craft-and much more. We hope to encourage children and young people to explore their faith and spiritual lives within their Quaker community.

    Upcoming Events

    There are in person events for all ages as part of Yearly Meeting - 26-30 July 2024.

    See our events page for more information about each event.

    • For 0-11s: The Children's Programme: 27-30 July 2024
    • For 11-15s: Young People @Yearly Meeting 27-30 July 2024
    • For 16-18s: Junior Yearly Meeting 26-30 July 2024
    • For 16-21s: Facilitation & Leadership: for more information 24-27 October 2024. Contact

    Past events

    Each year, after Yearly Meeting events, each of the programmes shares a minute or Epistle with the whole Yearly Meeting. These outline what activities children and young people did and some of the feeling, ideas and questions which emerged.

    To find minutes and Epistles from past events go to the Yearly Meeting pages or see here for specific events:

    YM 2023

    Events for all-age worshipping communities

    We are committed to offering opportunities for all-age gatherings where this is possible. Information for future events when they are planned will be made available here.

    Network Opportunities

    We offer regular opportunities to meet with Quakers across Britain Yearly Meeting (and beyond!) to ask questions, share ideas, good practice and concerns to support each other in our work/interactions with youth, children and families. Find out more about these, including dates and how to book on our training page.

    Regional and summer events

    Regional events and Summer events and Link Groups.

    Regional and Link groups are Quaker youth groups for young Quakers from neighbouring area meetings. To find out if there is a link group near you get in touch with

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    CYP Administrator
    020 7663 1013