Please read this if you are being asked for consent to use your/your child's/your ward's image.

Britain Yearly Meeting uses images to attract new members, encourage people to take part in our activities and contribute to our funds.

You are being asked to give your consent for videos and images of you/your child/your ward to be used for these purposes in all of the following: print, website, e-books, other electronic formats and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We do not identify people by name or meeting without specific, prior permission. We will not identify children and people under the age of 18 by name, local meeting or where they live.

We may use images on collaborative work with other organisations e.g. Woodbrooke, Greenpeace.

When you give your permission for Britain Yearly Meeting to use images of you/your child/your ward caught in video recordings, and/or photographs you should understand that:

  • your images will be held in accordance with the Data Protection legislation - see Britain Yearly Meeting's privacy policy
  • that the images of you/your child/your ward captured in the video recordings and/or photographs will be the copyright of Britain Yearly Meeting and any other intellectual property which arises in the recordings will also belong to Britain Yearly Meeting
  • you can ask Britain Yearly Meeting to stop using your images at any time, in which case the images will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation (contact BYM Data Protection Group to discuss at
  • you can complain about the use of my image by contacting BYM Data Safety Group at
  • the permission form and images may be kept for up to 10 years

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