Find out about events and opportunities for young adult Quakers.

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    Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the current social distancing measures in place all of our upcoming events have been cancelled.

    During lockdown we will be holding various online meetings on Zoom to ensure we can continue to worship together, stay connected and find ways to support one another.

    • Young Adult Friends Epilogue
      Wednesdays, 9 - 9.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend - for the Zoom link, please contact :

    • YFGM: New Economy Reading Group
      Mondays, 7 - 9pm. This reading group seeks to provide a community (at a social distance) and a space to share with others on a common theme (the New Economy). The group will be using the Quaker New Economy Reading Group Material and will take place every Monday evening for the next 6 weeks. Details can be found on the YFGM Facebook page

    • YFGM: Tea and Chats
      Fridays, 5 - 7pm. This is an informal drop-in group run by the YFGM Pastoral Team. Details can be found on the YFGM Facebook page

    • Online Meeting for Worship
      Woodbrooke holds an online Meeting for Worship most days, in the morning and evenings.


    Quaker Service Survey

    We're gathering ideas for how those aged 18-35 can be involved in Quaker service and learning. We want to know what you feel called to do and what challenges you face, whether that's health, finances or time. This is a great opportunity to help shape the support we can offer, create programmes that really speak to you and break down the barriers to getting involved. Fill out the Quaker service survey.