Worried about abuse - for you or someone else? You can contact people via this page who will help you. You can talk about things happening now or in the past, easily and safely.

Abuse and neglect can affect anyone: adults and children. It can take many different forms: physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and so on. It can happen when someone's basic needs for care and support are not being met by those who are looking after them. It can happen in any setting: in the home, in public places, in care homes, schools or nurseries.

We recognise that Quaker organisations are no exception to this. We aim to do everything we can to prevent abuse from happening and respond to it immediately if it does come to light. If you have experienced or become aware of a concern about abuse or neglect, we want to ensure that your concerns are listened to and acted on.

Sources of help

    If you think someone is in immediate danger

    Don't delay – call the police on 999, or call NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, straight away.

    If you are a child (under 18)

    You can speak to someone about anything which is troubling you, by contacting Childline 0800 1111. Or you can speak to someone at your Quaker meeting, perhaps an adult who helps with the children.

    Amongst Quakers

    You can talk to:

    • Thirtyone:eight This independent specialist safeguarding organisation supports Quakers with a helpline 0303 003 11 11 you can ring day or night. They also have a chargeable Listening Service where adult survivors of abuse can talk about sensitive issues in detail and in confidence with a sensitive listener.
    • Your area meeting safeguarding co-ordinator. Their details should be on a poster in your meeting house. You can ask at your Quaker meeting, or use the contact at the foot of this page.
    • At your local meeting: You can speak to the clerk, or Quakers who look after eldership or oversight, or a member of children's committee. They can put you in touch with the area meeting safeguarding co-ordinator.
    • Britain Yearly Meeting's Safeguarding Officer is available on 020 7663 1103 or safe@quaker.org.uk.
    • At events run by Britain Yearly Meeting: Speak to someone running the event.
    • At summer events and link groups: Speak to someone organising the event. These will have their own safeguarding procedures. Link Groups usually use their area meeting's policy.
      Friends Southern Summer Events (Junior Gathering and Senior Conference)
      Friends Summer School
      Northern Young Friends Summer Shindig
      Yorkshire Friends Holiday School
    • Other Quaker organisations are independent bodies. Contact them directly. These include Quaker schools, Woodbrooke, The Retreat, Claridge House, Charney Manor, and others.

    External organisations

    You can talk to:

    Thirtyone:eight - supports Quakers with a helpline 0303 003 11 11 you can ring day or night.
    They also have a chargeable Listening Service where adult survivors of abuse can talk about sensitive issues in detail and in confidence with a sensitive listener.

    Childline - You can talk to Childline about anything. No problem is too big or too small. 0800 1111 or you can email Childline via this link.

    NSPCC - Contact its helpline if you're worried about a child and speak to one of their counsellors, or report it online. 0808 800 5000 help@nspcc.org.uk.

    Local authority - Your local authority's Children's Services and Adult Services have the statutory responsibility for safeguarding children and adults, and are key organisations to contact. Find your local authority.

    NHS.uk - I'm worried about someone who may be experiencing abuse or neglect – what should I do?
    I think I am being abused or neglected – what can I do?

    Parents Protect - Helps parents and carers to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation

    Stop it Now! - A child sexual abuse prevention campaign and helpline.

    Action on Elder Abuse - Works to protect and prevent the abuse of vulnerable older adults

    Age UK - Sometimes you may feel at risk, or are concerned about another person. If this happens there are people you can speak to and there is help available.

    Ann Craft Trust - A leading UK authority on safeguarding disabled children and adults at risk.

    KIDSCAPE Advice for children, young people and parents on dealing with bullying. Telephone 0207 823 5430.

    Women's Aid - Information, support and advice for women and children affected by domestic abuse.

    If someone tells you about abuse

    In local or area meetings, contact the area meeting safeguarding co-ordinator - see above.

    At events run by Britain Yearly Meeting, you can use the BYM disclosure procedures and guidance.

    At other Quaker events or organisations, use their procedures. You can use the advice below:

    For a child: advice from NSPCC

    For an adult: advice from Action on Elder Abuse

    Contact us

    More support on Quaker aspects:

    Britain Yearly Meeting's lead for safeguarding in local and area meetings
    020 7663 1103