Spending review fails to deliver

The government's spending review has failed to deliver on Quaker priorities.

Rishi Sunak
The Chancellor failed to put climate change at the heart of his spending review. Image: Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street

Quakers in Britain called for spending on a green and just recovery from COVID-19. They asked the government to fund peace-making and peace-building in the UK and abroad.

Instead the government chose to focus on a huge increase in spending on militarism, which threatens peace and security at home and abroad. The target for aid spending was cut, despite the importance of development in preventing violent conflict.

Quakers welcomed the importance given to tackling climate change in recent government announcements. But the Chancellor failed to put climate change at the heart of his spending review. The funding put towards green initiatives is nowhere near enough to meet our moral and international obligations to reduce our carbon impact.

The government urgently needs a climate plan with public investment in green jobs, public services and climate justice. Fossil fuel usage must be phased out and the government must stop funding fossil fuel projects in the UK and abroad.

Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain said:

"Quakers are led by our faith to work for a fairer and greener society in which every human life is sacred. We set out our suggestions on how to achieve this in our submission to the spending review. We were disappointed today to see how greatly the government's priorities differ from our own. We will continue to work with politicians from all parties to try bring about positive change."

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