Quakers welcome historic Equal Protection from Assault Bill

Quakers in Britain have welcomed the passing of the Equal Protection from Assault Bill as a historic moment for Scotland's children.

All humans deserve to live free from violence. Photo: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Quakers and The Church of Scotland have spoken in favour of the Bill, although some church voices were strongly opposed. In front of the Equality and the Human Rights Committee of the Scottish Parliament, Mairi Campbell-Jack, Parliamentary Engagement Officer for Quakers in Scotland, said

“Rather than looking at parents' rights and children's rights as being separate, it might be better to include them all in the one group—that of human rights. All humans deserve to be free from violence."


All humans deserve to be free from violence

- Mairi Campbell-Jack, Quakers in Britain


Quakers in Britain have also used Scotland's historic move to call on the UK Government to shelve plans for more punitive punishment in schools in the rest of Britain. Quakers hope that enshrining children's rights and a more child centered approach in Scottish law may strengthen movements across Britain who are also working for similar aims.