Quakers urge nonviolence towards children

Quakers in Scotland are welcoming a change in the law to move Scotland to become a more nonviolent nation.

child sitting in cramped doorway
Children should feel safe. Image by Hans Kretzmann from Pixabay

Quakers' General Meeting for Scotland made a submission to the Equalities and Human Rights Committee on the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill.

In it they say, “Quakers believe that nonviolence is something that needs practice throughout a lifetime, and that the grounding for a nonviolent life starts in childhood. We therefore welcome this positive move towards Scotland becoming a more nonviolent nation. However, we also feel that a law alone is not enough, and that to create lasting cultural change education, training, support and compassion needs to be offered to those who struggle to meet the requirements of the Bill.

“We welcome the Bill as a good first step on reducing violence against children. However we would also caution that the aim of eradicating violence against children will need more work over a long time scale to achieve."

Mairi Campbell-Jack, Scottish Parliamentary Engagement Officer for Quakers in Britain will be providing oral evidence to the Committee on Friday (15 March).

Quakers in Wales responded to a consultation from the Welsh Assembly last year, and their response is included in this summary.

Read the full submission