Quakers join launch of Build Back Better campaign

Quakers in Britain are pleased to be co-launching Build Back Better, a new campaign for a green and just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign says let's not go back to normal.

paint brush and rainbow
Rainbow - a sign of hope

Build Back Better brings together a broad range of members including unions, youth campaigns, health workers, green NGOs and faith-based organisations, to campaign for a recovery that protects public services, creates good jobs and tackles inequality and the climate crisis.

The campaign is founded on five key principles:

  • Secure the health and needs of everyone in the UK now and into the future, irrespective of employment or nationality.
  • Protect and invest in public services.
  • Rebuild society with a transformative Green New Deal – a plan to decarbonise the economy in a way that tackles inequality and enhances people's lives.
  • Invest in people – restructure public and private finance so it supports sectors that nourish society and safeguard the future.
  • Build solidarity and community across borders – promote changes that end global power inequalities.

Virtual rallies are planned while social distancing applies. The campaign is encouraging people to write to their MP, and supporting local groups to work together to build a people-powered mandate for a recovery that benefits people and planet.


We need to work with others to make this vision a reality.

- Oliver Robertson, Quakers in Britain


Oliver Robertson, Head of Witness and Worship for Quakers in Britain, said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the massive inequalities that already existed in our society. Quakers have been working for many years for a world where equality, justice and peace can flourish, and we need to work with others to make this vision a reality.

“We are delighted to be launching Build Back Better with so many other organisations today, and we look forward to supporting Quakers all over Britain to get involved with the campaign."

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