Quakers deplore vote to authorise air strikes in Syria

Quakers in Britain opposed the vote in the House of Commons tonight to extend air strikes to ISIS targets in Syria.

The vote was 397 for and 223 votes against taking action in Syria.

Woman with "Quakers for Peace" placard talks to television crew
Juliet Prager, Deputy Recording Clerk, talks to French reporters at Parliament Square

Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain said: “Bombing is no solution. Quakers work faithfully for peace, not war, respecting the value of all human life and we deplore a decision which will lead to lives being lost.

“Quakers call for a creative nonviolent response, respecting the humanity of all in the region. Bombing and continued arms sales only fuel the war and lead more people into the hands of extremists. Invest in peace, not war."

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