Quakers consider living equality and truth in a time of crisis

Yearly Meeting Gathering is well underway for more than 2,000 Quakers in Britain. They will be considering racial justice, climate justice and social inclusion. Already some stirring and sensitive sessions have set the scene for this three-week festival of faith and fellowship.

montage four clerks' faces
Quaker clerks prepare for Yearly Meeting Gathering

All events in the Yearly Meeting Gathering will be virtual because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Quakers will consider the theme “For our comfort and discomfort: living equality and truth in a time of crisis." Together they will engage with three concerns:

  • Anti-racism: our Quaker journey
  • Acknowledging and welcoming gender-diverse people
  • Faith-based action for climate justice

Yearly Meeting Gathering is held every three years and combines the annual decision making body with more than one hundred Fringe and theme-related events. Yearly Meeting will be in session on 30, 31 July and 1, 6, 7, and 8 August. There are events for all ages.

Several lectures are traditionally given at the time of Yearly Meeting:

On Saturday 31 July, at 7.00pm, journalist Thomas Penny will give the annual Swarthmore Lecture 2021, “Kinder Ground: Creating Space for Truth". His lecture will address truth in the era of fake news. He says, “It's important to create space to listen and understand – a cool sanctuary away from the easy answers of propaganda and the heat and hostility of so much political discussion. And it's something Quakers have a history of being able to do."

The lecture is funded and organised by Woodbrooke, an international Quaker learning and research organisation. Watch the lecture live at www.woodbrooke.org.uk/swarthmore

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