Quakers call for action on racial and ethnic disparities

Quakers in Britain have submitted evidence to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, calling on the government to embed anti-racism in policies, practice and discourse across society.

people of ethnicities seated, holding hands
People of different ethnicities sitting in a circle, holding hands. Image: fizkes / Shutterstock.com

The Commission asked fundamental questions about the reasons and solutions for racial and ethnic disparities in the UK.

Quakers' commitment to anti-racism stems from their belief that there is that of God in everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or any other characteristic.

Quakers in Britain recently affirmed their commitment to tackling racism within their organisation.

Quakers do not want the Commission to be an excuse for the government to delay taking action to tackle racism. They called on the Commission to implement the recommendations of previous inquiries.

In their submission, Quakers describe the main cause of racial and ethnic disparities in the UK as an ongoing narrative of British superiority towards other countries and peoples. This approach is embedded in structures across government and society.

Quakers call on the government to challenge this narrative and proactively tackle racism in its policies and practice.

The submission covers areas where Quakers have a strong background in working for positive change, including crime and policing, education, immigration and asylum, and peace and disarmament.

Read the submission (PDF)