Quakers at Greenbelt

This year Quakers in Britain is an associate at Greenbelt festival of arts, faith and justice. We're hosting discussions and kite-making workshops as well as storytelling, songs, panel debates and meetings for worship in the Quaker dome.

Four people moving dome structure
Setting up the Quaker dome. Photo credit: Quakers in Britain


It's exciting for Quakers to be part of Greenbelt. It's a great place for Quakers and other people, of all faiths and none, to explore the world's challenges together in a creative, meaningful way.

- Juliet Prager, Deputy Recording Clerk, Quakers in Britain


Three Voices

Three Voices, an interactive discussion, is running Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Each evening three Quakers lead the audience through a question around community and conflict, speaking from their own experiences and exploring many perspectives.

Fly Kites Not Drones

Fly Kites Not Drones, a collaborative project about the freedom of the skies and the deadly use of drones, is running workshops in the Quaker dome throughout the weekend. Children aged eight and up will learn about the lives of those threatened by drones and will make kites to fly on Sunday afternoon.

Other activities

We're taking part in a debate on Trident on Saturday evening, playing folk songs and telling stories in the Quaker dome. We're also holding meeting for worship every lunch time in the Shelter. We have a stand in the G-Source tent; the main exhibition area.

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