Our faith in the future

Meeting for Sufferings, the representative body for Quakers in Britain, meets on Saturday. Named after its original purpose of recording the sufferings of Quakers imprisoned and tortured for their faith, 'Sufferings' meets six times a year. One hundred Quakers, from the north of Scotland to west Cornwall, gather in the Quaker central offices in London to discern national Quaker work.

Quakers gathered for Meeting for Sufferings
Quakers gathered in the Large Meeting House for Meeting for Sufferings. Photo credit: Mike Pinches 2014

A wide ranging consultation about future priorities of Quakers in Britain closed in January. Drawing together the plans and aspirations from Quakers around the country, the Long Term Framework Working Group brings to Meeting for Sufferings on Saturday 'Our Faith in the Future' report.

Other matters Meeting for Sufferings will consider are a proposal for a Quaker Credit Union, a memorial to the innocent victims of war at the National Memorial Arboretum and a dialogue with The World Council of Churches.

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