Marking 60 years of CND

On 17 February 2018 the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament turns 60. It marks 60 years of campaigning against nuclear weapons.

The CND symbol (or peace symbol) being drawn by child with the words 'make this symbol worth something' underneath
Make this symbol worth something. Image: Mic Dixon

Since its inception at the height of the Cold War, CND has campaigned tirelessly for the end of nuclear weapons. From the very beginning Quakers have supported this work and will continue to do so.

CND at 60

In marking the anniversary Helen Drewery, Head of Worship and Witness, said, “For all of the 60 years since CND was set up, Quakers in Britain have been saying that 'to rely on the possession of nuclear weapons as a deterrent is faithless; to use them is a sin.' We wish CND a happy birthday, but we, like them, long for a day of real celebration when hope has triumphed over fear and humanity has achieved nuclear disarmament."

A number of events are planned to mark CND's 60th year including the launch of a new book, CND at 60, telling the story of the campaigning work so far. The book will be launched on 8 March in the Quaker Centre Bookshop in London.

Nuclear ban treaty

Last year, two-thirds of the 193 United Nations member states adopted the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It is the first legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons with the goal of eliminating them. The UK Government failed to uphold its commitment to multilateral disarmament by choosing not to participate in the negotiations on the nuclear ban treaty.

As partner organisations in the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, this year both CND and Quakers are calling on parliamentarians to pledge their support for the nuclear ban treaty and work to promote the signature and ratification by the UK government.

Ask your MP to support the nuclear ban treaty