Gearing up for Yearly Meeting

Quakers in Britain's annual gathering starts this Saturday with a range of events including the Salter Lecture, delivered by Ruth Cadbury MP.

people sitting in shaft of light
Friends at Yearly Meeting. ©Mike Pinches.

Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Siobhán Haire, urged Friends to read the documents in advance, and explore the Sched app to prepare for the event which is blended for the first time this year.

A week of online preparatory sessions will be followed by the formal business of Yearly Meeting online and at Friends House on 27-30 May.

This year's annual gathering of Quakers will focus on faith, community and action and Siobhán Haire said: “Friends already know that what happens in Yearly Meeting in session builds on months and sometimes even years of patient prayer and preparation."

She added: “For me however, the most amazing part is the fact that no matter how much careful preparation we undertake, and however much we might feel we can predict what will happen in each item of business, we can still be surprised, emboldened and challenged by new insights in our worship together."

Friends attending Yearly Meeting are also welcome to come and see the newly refurbished Library at Friends House. The Library will be open:

  • Friday 2-6pm
  • Saturday 12-1.30pm and 4-6pm
  • Sunday 1-6pm
  • Monday 9.30am-12

Download and read Preparing for Yearly Meeting (PDF)