Exploring the difference we can make in the world as young Quakers

Young Quakers are eagerly looking forward to online Yearly Meeting Gathering next month.

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Finding fun and fellowship at Yearly Meeting Gathering ( Photo: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay)

“Children & Families and Young People's Programmes are a great opportunity to meet other young people online and to explore what it means to live as a Quaker today," said Cat Waithaka, YMG 2021 Project Manager and Youth Participation Officer. “It's a chance to connect with each other and engage with the difference Quakers can make in the world."

Children & Families sessions, Young People's Programme (YPP) and Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) will run online in the final week of Yearly Meeting taking place from Monday 2 to Friday 6 August. Bookings are open and will close on 27 June.

They are not able to meet in person because of the Covid-19 public health restrictions.


I went to my first event last year. It was fantastic. It's a haven for young people to engage in discussions and grow on a personal level.

- JYM Arrangements Committee member 2020


The theme of all of the Children & Families sessions is “Let's explore our world and find who we are". Under 11's will all take part in worship and engage with the theme through craft, games and stories. Under 7's will join with an adult. Older children will join without their adult, so that they will be in an online space where they can engage independently with each other.

"I made friends and we made each other laugh," said a Children's Programme Participant recently, while a Children's Programme Parent reflected this:

"Children's programme was a really warm, supportive environment - just what children thrive in... I wasn't sure what to expect but it was fantastic, we had such a good experience of the event as a family."

YPP and JYM are a space for young people and are suitable for those who have recently discovered Quakerism or someone who has been a Quaker all their life. They offer everyone the opportunity to connect through community activities. They focus on a theme and offer opportunities to engage with spiritual practices and ideas. As well as main sessions there are small groups, which provide a place to explore the theme, build relationships and have fun.

"I went to my first event last year. It was fantastic, it brought me so much joy and personal growth. There are few places I have been where truly everyone is accepted and included, and CYP events are one of them. It's a haven for young people to engage in discussions and grow on a personal level." JYM Arrangements Committee member 2020

YPP will explore their theme, “Exploring Truth, Finding Hope" through sessions on truth, hope and climate action.

JYM will explore their theme, “For our comfort and discomfort: how can we use Quaker testimonies to live faithfully", following the threads of anti-racism and climate justice.

So that children of different ages in families can be included, the Children & Families will run three separate sessions in the morning only. Young People's Programme for 11 to 15-year-olds will run in the afternoon to early evening. Junior Yearly Meeting for 15 to 18-year-olds will run from 10.00am until 9.00pm.

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