This page is an introduction for anyone going to a Quaker funeral.

A meeting for worship for a funeral or memorial has no set form, but simplicity and stillness will always be important.

Memorials can take place in a Quaker meeting house, a crematorium, at the graveside, or in another convenient meeting place. They are open to anyone who wants to gather in silence to remember someone who has died. Those who attend give thanks for a life, and try to bring comfort and support to those who are grieving.

The meeting will start with a short introduction from a Quaker. But in the stillness and silence that follows, anyone may speak. This might be a brief story or a memory, a thought, a prayer or other helpful words. Sometimes music may be played. It is helpful to leave a pause for reflection between spoken contributions.

At the end of the meeting, everyone is invited to shake hands. By then everyone will have contributed, even if silently. We find that this process brings everyone closer together.

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