School interfaith day

“Why are Quakers called Quakers?" asks a 14 year old from Woldgate School, Pocklington at their school's interfaith day. Jo, the Yorkshire Youth Worker takes the class back to the 17thcentury and explains.

embroidered bannaer with navy background and lots of different faith symbols.
Interfaith banner from Nichols Chaplaincy. Source: Flicker

Yorkshire Friend, Keith Barnes, and Youth Development Worker, Jo Baynham, had a couple of slots at a secondary school Interfaith day, which was a chance to explain, and even promote, the Quaker testimonies and how Quakers welcome people of all faiths and none.

Students participated in interactive activities to explore what Quakerism is, and even rose to the challenge of coming up with new testimonies – Joy was a favourite! During the day they heard from a variety of faiths – Catholics, Budhists, Ba'hai, Muslims to name but a few. It was a good opportunity to access impressionable minds and children and youth development workers across the country would welcome more such activities.

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