Our hope is that Quaker communities are loving, inclusive and all-age.


Children and young people need love and stability. Are we doing all we can to uphold and sustain parents and others who carry the responsibility for providing this care?

- Advices and Queries 24


This section of the Quaker communities website has information about working with children and young people. You can also find out about the resources available which support worship and activities for all ages.

Our overall aim is that children and young people engage with Quakerism and are a valued part of Quaker communities, exploring their spirituality and making a difference in the world.

Quaker Life's role in this is to provide opportunities and events for children and young people to experience community together and to offer support and training for Quakers to build all age faith communities.

Children and young people are part of worshipping Quaker communities where their spirituality and theology can be nourished. Opportunities need to be provided for them to explore Quaker testimonies, understand themselves as Quakers and to live out their faith in the world.

Local, area meetings and other Quaker communities such as residentials and camps, engage with children and young people with varied approaches, can promote participation among different age groups and empower Quaker communities to engage with and respond more readily to younger people.

To help keep our communities safe we have to remember that Safeguarding everyone is the responsibility of all of us. There will be some people in our communities who have specific roles in this. The ultimate responsibility for safeguarding is held by the trustees of the charity.