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How to get involved in COP26

With the COP26 UN climate talks just around the corner, Oonagh Ryder shares ways to join with others and demand action at this crucial time.

How to get involved in COP26

A year after they were originally supposed to take place, the COP26 UN climate talks are finally around the corner! The two-week conference, taking place in Glasgow, will bring together representatives of the world's governments to make crucial decisions about action on climate change.

History shows that the biggest polluters don't change their practices without huge pressure from below. With the UK hosting COP26, this is a key moment for people in the UK to put this pressure on and demand government action for climate justice.

Here are some ways you can get involved.

Join the COP26 Coalition Day of Action on 6 November

The COP26 Coalition, a network of groups mobilising around climate justice for COP26, has called on concerned individuals and groups to demand system change by organising a demo or action wherever they are in the world. This will be a day to join movements from around the world in taking action for climate justice. Read more about how to get involved on our COP26 actions page .

Take action in your local area and online

While some activists will be travelling to Glasgow or London, many people will be taking action in their own local area. This could take a wide range of forms, including organising demonstrations and creative actions, writing to local politicians, putting on educational events or holding meetings for worship.

  • Use our guide to plan your own action locally: Earlier this year, we published a Guide to taking action for climate justice (PDF), outlining different ways of taking social action and offering a process to develop your action into long-term organising. Take a look to get some ideas for how you can organise where you are.
  • Hold a loss and damage vigil: Quakers are working with other faith groups to call for an international fund for loss and damage – that's the damage done by climate breakdown, like hurricanes, flooding or drought. You might like to read our blog about loss and damage and our guide to holding a vigil on the issue.
  • Hold a meeting for worship: On 31 October, the first day of COP26, we're inviting Quakers around the world to hold an in-person or online meeting for worship to uphold the communities and activists in those places most affected by environmental destruction, who have for so long borne the brunt of the impact of climate change and been at the forefront of action for climate justice. Contact climatejustice@quaker.org.uk for more information or to send in photos of your meeting for worship.
  • Join the People's Summit: from 7–10 November, the COP26 Coalition will hold a People's Summit for Climate Justice, bringing together movements, campaigns and civil society in an alternative conference. This hybrid event will combine in-person events in Glasgow with online events for people all over the world to join. Quakers in Britain will be helping to run a session on faith action for loss and damage.
  • Join the COP26 update call: On 6 November, Glasgow Meeting will be hosting a hybrid event to update Friends around the world on what is happening at COP26. There will be updates from Quaker United Nations Office and a chance to ask questions.

If you're going to Glasgow

Glasgow will be the centre of gatherings, events and demonstrations during the two weeks of COP26. To get inside the official negotiations, you need a badge as part of a UN-accredited organisation, but there is plenty happening that's open to everyone.

  • Welcome the pilgrimages into Glasgow: On 30 October, a number of the many pilgrimages to COP26 will arrive into the city. The pilgrims will be welcomed by Extinction Rebellion and will join together for a procession through the city. This will be a celebratory event with an interfaith focus and open to all.
  • Join an interfaith vigil: On 31 October, the first day of COP26, an interfaith vigil will be held in George Square at 2pm.
  • Visit Glasgow Quaker Meeting House: West Scotland Area Meeting has organised a fantastic programme of events throughout COP26. This includes daily meetings for worship in the morning, discussions on climate justice, an exhibition of artwork from the Loving Earth Project and a discussion with young Friends around the world.
  • Join in with COP26 Coalition events: On the Global Day of Action (6 November), Quakers in Britain will be marching in the 'faith and belief' bloc ( sign up to join us here). You can also check out the People's Summit for Climate Justice (7–10 November) where we'll be running a session on faith action for loss and damage on 7 November.
  • Meet up with other Quakers: If you're going to Glasgow alone or in a small group and would like to be in contact with other Quakers going to Glasgow, we've set up this form for you to share your contact details. We will do our best to put you in touch with other Quakers travelling to Glasgow and help you find ways to meet up.

We hope you'll join us - wherever you are and however you can - as Quakers around the world come together to demand government action for climate justice!

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