About Yearly Meeting

At Yearly Meeting Quakers from all over Britain come together. We worship, make decisions and spend time together.

We also learn, practice and improve ways of carrying out our work. We base these ways on our experiences and Quaker tradition. We take these methods back to our meetings to help us meet current challenges.

To find out what happens and why at Yearly Meeting, read Quaker faith & practice 6.02–6.11 (offsite link). These passages also give the background to the business agenda.

Yearly Meeting 2020

At Yearly Meeting in November 2020, we held two online sessions to take required business and share in worship.

Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021

At a Yearly Meeting Gathering we aim to organise an inspiring and accessible event which provides the context for Yearly Meeting in session. We seek to create a diverse and varied community and provide a wide range of opportunities for learning and engaging with the Yearly Meeting theme.

Quaker faith & practice 6.26 and 6.27 (offsite link)

Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020 brochure (PDF)

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