Making us more equal

The Quaker testimony to equality impels us to learn more about the growing levels of inequality in our country, and to take urgent action where we can. In February 2015, Luton and Leighton Area Meeting held a conference to explore this testimony more deeply.

graphic of people building a world
Quakers are called by faith to build peace and justice for a fairer world. Image credit: Quakers in Britain

We met for a day at Watford Meeting House where, through talks and workshop discussions, we learnt more about the growing separation between the tiny band of people who are able to amass and keep vast wealth, and the rest who are being left further and further behind.

This short video gives an overview of the talks we heard and what we discussed. You can also find out more about the event, or watch a shorter version of this video at:

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What next?

As the general election approaches we will be asking politicians to show what they will do to halt and reverse the increase in inequality in the UK.

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