The Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) helps Quakers in Britain in their work with other religious faiths, spiritual and human values groups in pursuit of common goals. It does this by reflecting on Quaker insights and values, and by helping Friends enter imaginatively into the life and witness of other faith groups to create bonds of friendship and mutual understanding.

The committee considers issues and opportunities which may arise from Britain Yearly Meeting's involvement in ecumenical or interfaith work. It also works together with individuals, meetings, other churches and faith groups on ecumenical and interfaith issues.

QCCIR explained


    A Spirit-led Church

    Quakers respond to a World Council of Churches text on the nature of the church


    For this is the true ground of love and unity, not that such a man walks and does just as I do, but because I feel the same Spirit and life in him...
    - Quaker faith & practice 27.13


    About QCCIR

    QCCIR reports to Meeting for Sufferings. It meets three times a year and has 11 members appointed by Meeting for Sufferings, including members nominated by General Meeting for Scotland, Crynwyr Cymru/Quakers in Wales and Ireland Yearly Meeting. It also has ex-officio members from Friends World Committee for Consultation. QCCIR is establishing working groups under new Terms of Reference to which Friends may be co-opted.

    QCCIR undertakes the following, it:

    Upcoming events

    • 26-30 July, Yearly Meeting. QCCIR will host ecumenical and interfaith guests at Yearly Meeting. Come along to say hello to five of them on Monday, 29 July at lunchtime in the Sarah Fell room.
    • 30 September. QCCIR webinar looking at fasting in different faith traditions.
    • Prayers: Everyone is invited to virtually join the Focolare Centre Prayers for Unity on Monday evenings from 6–6.30pm.
    • The Bill Snelson Young Ecumenists Fund offers grants twice a year – deadlines 31 March and 31 October. The fund aims to give young adults the possibility to experience and study ecumenism abroad. How to apply – Churches Together in England (
    • 24-26 September. Ecumenism: Thinking globally, Acting Locally.
      All ecumenical officers conference. Open to anyone engaged in inter-church activity at county or city-wide level. Please contact
    • From the week of prayer for world peace. These prayers and contemplative practices, mostly with music, are from eight different faith and spiritual traditions. They will be available online for a year, until October 2024. World Peace — Interfaith Contemplative Practices (

    QCCIR webinar

    'Becoming an anti-racist faith community' was held on 23 January 2023. This webinar welcomed speakers from other churches and faiths to tell us of their work for Racial Justice. It also heard from two Quakers engaged in this work.

    Get involved

    There are lots of faith opportunities for you or your meeting to engage with:

    • Become involved with your local Churches Together or other interchurch groups in your area.
    • Make contact with local faith communities or interfaith groups.
    • Contact QCCIR for advice on how to become more involved locally or for a workshop at your local meeting on interchurch or interfaith concerns.
    • Area Meetings may appoint a Denominational Ecumenical Officer to meet with other church representatives at county level in the Churches Together in England structure.

    Find out more

    • Explore our resources for Quakers engaged in Christian and Interfaith relations.
    • Invite a committee member to visit your meeting to talk about your interfaith or inter-church work (see bottom of page for contact details).
    • PDF versions of the CIRcular newsletter, about ecumenical and interfaith work, are available (up to 2019 when last issue published).
    • Join the QCCIR cluster group mailing list to receive occasional emails

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    Your local churches together or interfaith group may like to take inspiration from the ecumenical prayers for peace from St James's Church, Piccadilly. The order of service is available here: Ecumenical Prayers for Peace - Sunday 22nd October 2023 (PDF). Hosted by St James , the service was created in partnership with the Amos Trust, Christian Aid, Embrace the Middle East, Sabeel Kairos, Bloomsbury Baptist Church, The Methodist Church in Britain, Quakers in Britain and The United Reformed Church. Christian Aid has also produced resources for prayer vigils.

    Prayers and statements from churches and interfaith organisations:

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