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Yearly Meeting Gathering unplugged #2

4 August 2021

Quaker Life invites you to join half an hour of silent worship offline. This is an opportunity for Friends who are not online, or who don't worship online, to take part in the YMG programme as Yearly Meeting continues, and Friends allow the work of the spirit to unfold. Friends taking part in online YMG activities are welcome to join us too.

Each year, Yearly Meeting rests on the prayerful upholding of Friends, many of whom would not be present. This year, although none of us are present in person, we can gather in a spirit of meeting for worship, in the places we feel comfortable,

We will know that others are holding YMG in the light with us and we'll know that after half an hour we'll all finish and move into the rest of our respective days. We could be sitting, standing or walking, we may be at home, on transport or in natureā€¦ Please book through Sched or download the form and return the slip to let us know you are taking part. Do join us.

Contact: Carrie Comfort or Helen Oldridge at

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Contact: Carrie Comfort or Helen Oldridge


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Start: 08:30 on 4 August 2021

Finish: 09:00 on 4 August 2021