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DEC 13

Working Toward Understanding Gender Diversity

13 December 2023, Online

The world has a rich and varied history in terms of the definitions of gender. In our modern western world different approaches to gender have come to the fore in recent years, particularly for Quakers.

Two fists with the letters LGBTQIA+ painted across the fingers in rainbow colours

At Britain Yearly Meeting in 2021 a minute was written affirming Trans and Non-Binary Friends:

“With glad hearts we acknowledge and affirm the trans and gender diverse Friends in our Quaker communities, and express appreciation for the contribution and gifts that they bring to our meetings, which are communities made up of people with a diverse range of gender expressions. The end of our travelling is for differences not to divide us. We rejoice in recognising God's creation in one another. This is what love requires of us." Minute 31, Yearly Meeting 2021

What does that minute mean for 'Friends on the ground', Friends who attend meeting each Sunday…

We will explore Gender Diversity in general and the terms and phrases we may hear in relation to it. We will consider the welcome we offer in our communities and how we uphold each other in our journeys together.

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Start: 19:00 on 13 December 2023

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