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NOV 22

The Keys to Community

22 November - 28 March 2024, Online

What does it take to make a thriving community? In this course we will dive into various aspects of sustaining and upholding a community and look at our own presence and practices within our Meetings and beyond.

A man holding up a door key with a rainbow fob

The aim of this course is to hear, share and explore with a view to making gentle change either to our own presence and role within our communities or to our communities in general.

Over the course of 5 sessions over 5 months we will look at the following topics together:

1. Foundations of Community

2. Celebrating our Community

3. Leadership within Community

4. Maintenance of Community

In the fifth and final session we will have a chance to come together and share with each other how what we have learnt has impacted how we take part in our communities.

Resources will be provided for exploration outside of the live sessions and discussion forums will also be available for between session thoughts.

Live sessions will take place at 19:00-20:30 (UK time) on Wednesday 22 November, Tuesday 19 December, Thursday 18 January 2024, Thursday 15 February and Thursday 28 March.

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Date & time

Start: 00:00 on 22 November 2023

Finish: 00:00 on 28 March 2024


United Kingdom

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