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NOV 23

Stopping Climate Change: Paul Ekins

23 November 2023, London

Professor Paul Ekins launches his new book. Stopping Climate Change, Policies for Real Zero with a short talk followed by questions, discussion and refreshments

In his new book, Paul Ekins provides a comprehensive overview of the policies needed to achieve "real zero" carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 and negative emissions thereafter. This is the only way to stop human-induced climate change in technology, human behaviour and social institutions.

Professor Ekins, a world expert in the field, will introduce the book and invite questions and discussion from the audience.

All welcome. Come early if you can, to explore the Loving Earth exhibition and enjoy tea at the Quaker Centre which will be open till 5.30 today.

This event is hosted by the Quaker Centre jointly with the Quaker Arts Network's Loving Earth Project

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Date & time

Start: 17:30 on 23 November 2023

Finish: 19:30 on 23 November 2023


Friends House
173 Euston Road
United Kingdom

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