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MAY 10

Simpler meetings: fundamentals

10 May 2021

How can we release the joy of being a Quaker by making our organisation simpler? How can being a Quaker role holder be less of a burden? What are we learning about simplicity through the pandemic?

This online series shares insights from the Simpler Meetings project of Britain Yearly Meeting. We will explore ideas of what is possible, and the variety of ways Quaker meetings and roles can organise themselves, led by the project's worker Jonathan Carmichael. We will build some visions of alternatives that free us to have more time for being Quakers, instead of running Quakers.

There are eight topics, and you can dip in and out of as many topics as you'd like. We recommend signing up for the first topic about fundamentals, if possible, as this sets the scene and covers key ideas relevant to all the other topics.

We are repeating each topic several times from March to June, on different days and times to make it easier for you to attend. We are building a conversation: so do encourage Friends in your meeting to come along with you, or on another date. There's an online forum, where you can continue to exchange ideas and reflections. Each topic has a ten minute video and ideas you can use to run a discussion session for your own meeting, if you want to.

In this first session we set the scene for the Simpler Meetings Series and cover key ideas that are relevant to all the topics in the series. So we encourage everyone coming to other sessions to come to this topic.

We'll consider why we may need to simplify how we organise our Quaker meetings. We'll recognise there are many possibilities and variations already in use, and a lot more permission to do things differently than many of us think. We'll imagine what a very simple Quaker meeting could be like.

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Start: 19:30 on 10 May 2021

Finish: 21:00 on 10 May 2021


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