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FEB 12

Restorative Approaches to Tackle Inequalities

12 February 2022, Online

How can we tackle harms to identity, such as racism? Restorative Practice is concerned not with 'what rule has been broken' but with 'what harm has been caused'. Harms to identity are evidenced as hurting more than other kinds of harm. How can we, individually and collectively develop our responsibility for recognising and tackling such harms? How can we do better at recognising inequalities in the everyday, and at promoting equity?

There is an urgent need to promote skills and confidence for tackling racism - not simply 'calling it out' but ensuring that the harm caused is understood and owned and will not happen again. Restorative Practice is a social justice model for challenging harm and injustice and finding ways to promote learning so that harms do not recur.

This workshop will invite participants to consider that everyone has a complex and unique identity as well as being shaped by social and historic forces. Although online, we will work together in a 'circle' and some suggested resources will be provided in advance and for taking the ideas further. Using the model of Restorative Practice, we will consider racism as a series of harms that create obligations. We will foster a shared commitment to the changes that are needed, and equip participants with some language and principles for moving forward.

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Start: 10:00 on 12 February 2022

Finish: 16:30 on 12 February 2022


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