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AUG 18

Pink and grAy performance art

18 August 2019, Ulverston

Two half-hour Performances: 11.00 am Weighing Pearls, 2.00 am Lilies of the Field.

Pink and grAy (Sylvia Causer and Andrea Freeman) are a Live Art duo based in the north of England, seeking to explore social and emotional issues, often through humour. 'Weighing Pearls' will be in the Great Hall, performed as a silent, reverential ritual, exploring the journey of souls after the body's death. Pearls are associated with great worth and these pearls-as-souls are weighed to determine their placement in one of three boxes. The work was inspired by the words of Fox: 'Keep within. For the measure is within, and the light is within, and the pearl is within you.' Lilies of the Field will be performed in the Quiet Garden In their non-performing time Sylvia and Andrea will sometimes be in the garden drawing and amenable to conversations with visitors. This event is part of Swarthmoor Hall's summer art exhibition Seeking Routes (20 July-8 Sept), organised in collaboration with Quaker Arts Network.

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Start: 11:00 on 18 August 2019

Finish: 14:30 on 18 August 2019


Swarthmoor Hall
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