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JAN 15

Multiple Religious Belonging

15 January - 19 February 2024, Online

Can you be Quaker and Anglican, Jewish and Buddhist, or Pagan and Christian? Religious combinations are becoming more visible and they can both intrigue and challenge. We'll explore how multiple religious belonging arises and what we can learn from it.

Different coloured shadows merging together

If you participate in more than one religious tradition, or if you are curious about the possibility, or wonder why anyone would, this course will provide a space to think through what multiple religious belonging means. We'll look at many kinds of multiple religious belonging through course materials, and make space to explore Quaker and other experiences in our live sessions.

Each week of this course will have materials on Moodle for you to explore before the session, including a pre-recorded video talk and readings or links to websites. There will also be a one-hour live discussion session on Zoom to explore personal responses to the material, and a discussion forum on Moodle to share ideas in writing.

Live sessions take place every Monday at 19:30-20:30 (UK time).

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Start: 00:00 on 15 January 2024

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