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MAR 21

Learning from Indigenous Restorative Justice

21 March 2024, Online

What can we learn from the traditional methods for resolving conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan? In this session, Ali Gohar - an expert practitioner and scholar on the subject - will teach us about these indigenous practices.

Two hands painted with images of parts of the earth and white doves flying around them

As Quakers we are often questioning and seeking to change the way our justice systems operate to more closely reflect our belief in that of God in everyone. What do the traditional restorative justice systems used by communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan have to teach us about other ways to approach harm and repair?

In this online session we will listen to Ali Gohar and have the opportunity to engage with him and each other in dialogue to better understand these indigenous restorative justice systems and how we might apply their wisdom in our own lives and communities.

To read more about Ali Gohar, please visit his website: Restorative Justice - JUST PEACE INITIATIVES

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Start: 18:30 on 21 March 2024

Finish: 20:00 on 21 March 2024


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