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Kindful Eating

5 February 2022, Online

It seems food and fatness are always in the news. Clearly the message 'eat less, move more' isn't working. What's more, it leads to fat stigma, food fear and confusion, and body shame. This takes us away from finding peace with food and bodies. Find out how compassion and new thinking can turn things aro

Eating, wellbeing, body confidence and society interlink. This course helps people make sense of food, health and self-worth by exploring the many reasons behind why we eat what we eat and why thinness is valued. Whether you're curious for personal, professional, or other reasons, the course is an opportunity to question received ideas and learn practical approaches to change.

Delivered through a combination of interactive live sessions, video tutorials and online activities, this course will leave you with practices for self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of how compassion supports eating for wellbeing.

We will join-the-dots between food, body respect, health outcomes, compassion, acceptance, and social influences in six sessions. Following opportunities to share thoughts and experiences online, there will be a weekly Zoom session. Tutor Lucy Aphramor is a specialist dietitian recognised internationally for their work in this field.

Over the six weeks of this course, we will encourage you to take a couple of hours a week to reflect on your learning, share your experiences, ideas and insights, and come away refreshed. Allow two to three hours per week.

There will be a forum for sharing reflections and discussion, there are also the six live sessions for sharing. There are handouts you can download to support conversation and ongoing explorations once the course ends.

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Start: 19:00 on 5 February 2022

Finish: 20:30 on 5 February 2022


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