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How Do Quakers Make Decisions?

6 December 2021

The Quaker decision-making method brings together unprogrammed worship based on silence with the need to make informed decisions which have the support of the community and it can be difficult to understand.

It is both distinctive and flexible, being used by large and small groups, to discern spiritual and practical questions. How does a group sitting in silence actually make a decision? How do questions get put to the community? What is the role of the clerk? Who has more or less power in this situation where the theory says that everyone is to be heard equally? This session will provide an opportunity to ask whatever questions you have about the process, whether you've been involved in using it or not, and to share different experiences.

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Start: 19:00 on 6 December 2021

Finish: 20:30 on 6 December 2021


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