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OCT 28

How Can We Welcome Newcomers to Our Meetings?

28 October 2021

Does your local meeting or other Quaker community have people who are (relatively) new to the Quaker way? Do you want to welcome and support people better when they are exploring Quakerism?

In this session we will look at ways to help people learn about Quakers and our tradition. This will include how we welcome people to meeting for worship, how we explain our practices, and how we share our tradition. How can we go beyond a book recommendation or avoid talking only about history when introducing Quakers? There will be a list of resources for you to take away, and we will cover the specific challenges of welcoming newcomers to online meeting for worship as well as in person. Suitable for elders and outreach committee members, but no assumptions will be made about your role in the community or how long you have been involved yourself.

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Start: 19:30 on 28 October 2021

Finish: 21:00 on 28 October 2021


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