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JAN 17

Early Quakers in their Words: Spirituality

17 January - 27 February 2022, Online

In this course, we will engage at a deep level with several short passages written by early Friends that express something essential about their spirituality and personal experience.

This will help us to understand these Friends better and consider what their words mean for us today. Some of the words are very well-known and others less so. The passages will include writings by Edward Burrough, Steven Crisp, Margaret Fell, George Fox, William Leddra, James Nayler, Gertrude Derix Nieson, and Isaac Penington.

Live sessions are fortnightly at 19:00-20:00 (UK time) on Tuesday 25 January, Tuesday 8 February and Tuesday 22 February.

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Telephone: 07562 624047 and 07935 601512

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Start: 00:00 on 17 January 2022

Finish: 00:00 on 27 February 2022


United Kingdom

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